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Workshop with Poe One

Gold Coast – 1/03/2013
organised by Team Cream

Legendary Poe One sharing his knowledge, views, passion and love…again and again… :))

Key points:

  • 30 seconds of death concept
    4 dancers, 7 rounds each dance, each round 30sec, limited to certain moves (sweeps/go downs/etc..)
    5 dancers, 9 rounds…60 seconds:)
  • 5 in / out practise
    focused on particular move that repeats, but in and out movement is different
    example: baby freeze, back rock, etc
  • music?diversity practise
    different pace of music, tones, instruments, dancer has to adopt at all times
    no rush, slow down and go with a floor, feel it
  • floor control
    toprock control in all directions, same concept applies to footworks, powermoves etc
    include spins both directions
  • pretzel + knee step drop spin both directions
    use concept of infinite 8 by Ken Swift