Affiliate programs

I am not so a bit on affiliate programs and whenever I see a reference code in a link, my mind raises an alert and full attention is on guard. I start to wonder if the person is sharing the link with genuine intention to help others (and himself) or if his only interest is to gain more referrals and money.

I don’t mind signing up to services through referral links but I require there to be transparency about it and prefer if the person has used the service themselves first and their recommendation has some reasoning. A classic example is crypto channels on Youtube that share sign up links for various trading platforms or projects. If they are not using it, why they share it, right? I always try to look for signs of genuineness. 

Learning more about passive income and leveraging my time, knowledge and skills, I understand the affiliate program is just another way of putting that invested energy into a loop, that eventually comes back to me. 

I strive to be honest, transparent and would go against myself if I would share something I don’t believe in. I do not force anyone to use those links below, but if you wish to help me on my journey, every bit helps. So here is the list of services that I currently use or have tried and can genuinely recommend. Thank you if you choose to help.

Web/Server-hosting in the Czech Republic

Karel Dytrych is the man and I have been using his services for a long time. Whether you need just a web hosting or server hosting, he can help you get up and running quickly and reliably. 
Learn more about /

Gitlab a deploy

Web/Server-hosting worldwide

Digital Ocean is the one I use and prefer. I used AWS, GCP and Azure but I tend to stick with DO. Simple and user-friendly admin + ServerPilot has quite a bit of their documentation related to DO. Cheap and reliable.

Learn more about Digital Ocean

Server Management System is super simple server management tool I use and recommend to manage a fleet of web servers with multiple websites. WordPress installation is breeze simple and overall management has features and functionality I need. I don’t need to mock around with WHM / cPanel. This gets the job done quick and easy.

Learn more about

Domain registrar is one of the largest domain registrar and web/server hosting company in Europe and deals with a great number of TLDs. I am using this for legacy purposes and features that might be missing with Vas-Hosting. currently does not have affiliate program.

Crypto – Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a community-driven company that allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies and also borrow cash against it. It’s led by Alex Mashinsky (my IT hero) and the community around it is awesome.

Learn more about Celsius Network and earn up 10% on your crypto

Share broker – SelfWealth

Self-Wealth is a share broker/platform with a low-cost brokerage fee (AU$9.95 per buy/sell) and portfolio management tool. It has a decent amount of features and is focused on community data sharing so that you can see how others perform (though anonymously).

Learn more about SelfWealth and investing into shares

pending: trasferWise, Revolut,