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1000 hours of breakin in 2015

My day has 8 workings hours, 6 sleeping hours, 1 hour of transport, 1 hour eating..and another 6 hours free for whatever I want to do.

That’s a lot and I have decided to invest those hours to self development and breaking. I bought checked lino for my living room so I can practise, which I have always dreamed about, however once I bought it I realised I don’t practise actually. I was missing motivation or purpose.

Now my mind is clear and I know what I am doing.

So my deepest and truest myself:
I am making a deal with you, that I will dedicate 1000 hours into breaking and self development. That is 225 days performing 4 hours of dance activity per day, including stretching, educating or other form of self development. Each of the session is supposed to be noted with a date onto one of the white fields on my checked dance floor. I will use my best knowledge and body control to practise hard, but also responsibly to avoid any injury, body damage or anything that would stop me from finishing this challenge. Should I be travelling and not being able to commit to my promise, I will have to add missed hours onto other days to catch up no longer than 2 weeks from missed?the practise.

Here are tips to keep yourself on the track:
– get new music for practise
– warm up with slow music, toprocks and go downs
– stretch accordingly
– do hops foot control practise on black fields
– do knee practise in drop on each of the white fields – use rhythm to help finish this task – do this every practise until your dance easily after finishing this task
– practise infinite concept in your main moves
– should you be losing inspiration: FSS?2000 always helps
– create inspirational words and put them on the wall all around
– go sleep before midnight
– summarise what you did good and what needs more practise