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My friend as personal assistant (VA)

So here is the idea. I’ve read that in near future we might see personal assistant using our own voice. Now that’s cool and weird a the same time. Wouldn’t we much rather hear some voice we love to hear? Why our own then? What about someone from our closest family, friend or love?

Disclaimer: I don’t take responsibility for any word listed in this video

There are endless opportunities and solutions available. Just to start and do it:).

One way of doing it on a technical level could be capturing voice from your friend, who reads out a paragraph of words. These represent sets of commands or language domain used by the virtual assistant (VA).

To make it more fun, this could be through the game between the two, where voice communication is enabled, certain topics are thrown at each of the players and answers are captured over the time to apply later in assistance.

Note to say that Google already has our voice recorder if you’ve ever searched the net by using voice search. Same applies to Siri, Cortona and other assistants deployed.

Another way of doing it is to analyse tone, intonation, accent and mask it over the template of VA.

Note: I am not sure if this technology is available but since I just thought of it, I am sure someone somewhere have it done by the time you finish reading this post.

Another way is to create a game, where making a fun/joke of our friend is a target action. In return, sender’s voice was captured and you’ll end being pranked even worse and that way you make fun of them but they trick you into capturing your voice into to VA and revenge comes back to you in even funnier video/animation,

Now while this is all fun, one could this of what is the real purpose of this all. Well, I believe that VA will play a major role in our lives. We should not forget that the technology supposes to serve us and not us we serve the technology. So, we think what value it brings you using the tech. If you’re bored, look around cask your friends, there is so much to learn about. Take your potential and turn it into something good:)!

Maybe it will be you who surprise me with a new VA app tomorrow :)!

Good luck. PaCh