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Basic invoicing in Aus

Invoicing is a very boring job to do, at least for me. I want to have it as simple as posible and certainly do not want to use Word or Excel spreadsheet for it. Coming from Czech Republic, I was used to an excellent service called Fakturoid. Unfortunately, I have not found a similar product in Australia. Even today, eight years later, the products are still behind the Fakturiod’s capabilities and its price/value ratio in my opinion. 

So what’s there on offer?

Here is the list of the major players in Australia (not considering desktop-only applications): 

Outsourced accounting service:


*SimpleInvoices – easy, online payments, but do not support bank feeds yet, no free plan but cheap

**WaveApps = best app I found for free, but they recently went through acquisition process and pulled out from Aus market (meaning they remove support for bank feeds). 

My personal experience:

Freshbook was great, but if you deal with more than 5 different clients it becomes relatively pricey ($25/month). 

WaveApps is great package, with Stripe integration, but the recent pull off from the market brings uncertainty. However, it’s FREE. Bank feeds are gone!  

Fakturoid is awesome tool but not for AUS market, unfortunately. 

QuickBooks is relatively price competitive ($10/month), provide wide range of features. Worth a try.

Rounded seems like a good product with nice features, but already double the price of QucikBooks ($20/month). 

SimpleInvoices might be too simple for the cost of $7.5/month. If they would include bank feeds, then it might be worth the $. 


For occasional invoicing, I would still recommend WaveApps being it free. If you want bank feeds, look into QuickBooks / Rounded. For more advanced stuff, probably Xero would be my preference over MYOB, Sage and Reckon. 

Overall, I still think there is a small gap in the market for a product like Fakturoid. Let’s see who is going to join the game. 

If you are using other software you want to share, please feel free to send me message via my LinkedIn profile or contact form. Thank you.