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Short forecast of computing era in relation to AI

AI = artificial intelligence, has been on rapid growth during the millennium age and we are shifting into cognitive era of computing, where computer software can listen, learn and analyse unstructured data. Cognitive thinking is natural to humans but it’s been a great challenge for digital world. These limitations however, are falling apart and the future we envision and sometimes dream about, might be closer than we think. Scary and exciting at the same time.

I was interested in IBM Watson project for few years now and recently came across a question related to AI and new computer era.

Q: what will be the next computing era about? What’s next?

So here’s a thought:

I foresee the Fourth Era of Computing as the time of CREATION. Creation of knowledge, solutions, thinking. Technology itself will serve automated discovering, analysing, creating and delivering new solution to our problems. It will serve helping to reveal the unknown as well as overtake some decision making processes. Quantum physics will play major role in computing and will set us on a new path. Human intelligence, physical enhancements and integration of AI with human body and thinking might become the new field of focus.

In meantime, I believe that future steps of this third (cognitive) era for AI will be:
– expanding learning ability to human’s emotional intelligence (if it’s not there yet)
– creating decision making processes under supervision scheme (hopefully)
– integrating and changing daily lifestyle of our society & well being (AI as personal assistant – already happening).

I hope however, that I will still have some real friends even then :).

Regardless of what will actually become real from the list above, one thing remain the same – “only the strong will survive”.

What are your thoughts of future?