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Password security

I am currently working on revision of my password management. Recently, I’ve been a victim of a scam e-mail from pretending to be from Gumtree and my password was exposed. Rookie mistake in a rush. I immediately took actions, however I realised, I don’t have a clear idea, where else have I used that password and hence those services is under potential threat.

I came up with few ideas, where one of them is to have a spreadsheet containing all services that I am using and require password for. Instead of having passwords listed there, I’ll store only security level of password, telling me which password?should I use. Actual form of password is stored only in my mind. I would have level 1 for banks, level 2?for bills, shopping and other services, and level 3 for non-important sites like forums etcetera.

Credit card maintenance section required – list of services holding credit card details and which.

I will update this post with preview, if anyone would like to do the same…

UPDATE pending…