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Parallel realities inspired by Bentinho Massaro

As Bentinho would say, I just shifted myself into a different projection of my consciousness timelessly. I did it without any effort and with thousands and millions activities or assumptions at the same time, although there is no time as such.

I am a consciousness that’s listing through the pictures of parallel universes. Endless projections of all possibilities that have been already created. Anything I can think of or imagine, already exists. Every movement, every motion, every state of my mind, already exists. All I am doing is swapping the pictures on the projector of what we call reality, that is projected by our consciousness.

My concept – tricking the mind:
Understanding concept of timeless reality brings the opportunity to what we call time travelling, in other words shifting to a different reality. The hard part is to manifest the same exact picture we desire into our physical reflection, that we manifest and perceive. The easier way of doing it is altering the perceived reflection and mapping it into our initial desire. That is a technique, I just came up with and I think can be very beneficial for all. One could call it tricking the mind, however, it is all just a matter of view.
So an example for that could be perceived a LOVE. Someone is missing being loved and truly desire it, wants it, needs it. Well, from the theory, there is no time and everything already exists. So one could be expecting the love in physical form, as a representation of a human of?opposite gender, being present in the same picture of reality. It can just be being together, talking, holding hands, kissing, whatever. When this person is not present, the so-called love can be seen as missing. In that case, however, the love can be also represented by a flower, by a voice, by a colour, by whatever we allow creating a feeling of love coming to us. Love is a feeling created unconsciously based on the judgemental process of what we perceive. We believe, it’s the reflection of actions or things around us, but truly it is our inside chemical change of connections that causes it. All we do is working out backwards the love is actually created by things around even though it is the other way around. We want to feel love, so we create/manifest things, people, colours that represents love to us. We do so, to make it easier to remember this state and to┬áreflect or recall it again whenever it’s needed. That being said, we can shift our mind to accept the love from whatever source we currently perceive. So the feeling of love does no longer have to be attached to being with another human, kissing or whatever, it can attached to anything we “see”. Hence, I call it tricking the mind technique. Have fun with it:).

Massaro’s trick – future to past:
One concept I would like to stress here from Massaro’s talk, is about shifting between realities. Because the picture of our current state of mind might seem so “far” from the picture of what we want to be, become or have, we can fasten the journey to get there by tricking our consciousness. The technique is called See it, feel it, be it. Using imagination, we can create an image of what we desire. By connection “physical” experience to this image, we can create “illusion” of experiencing what we haven’t manifested in present yet. Because our way of thinking is based on what we lack rather on what we have, it is good practise to grab this dream from far future and put it back to our past experience and create an event there. That can result into losing a need of having it in present, because you simply experienced it already or it can also get this vision closer to our BEing stage, our current manifestation.
The easy example can be using your previous experience. For example, for me to desire spinning on one hand for 5 rounds, I can close my eyes, picture it, put it in a past, consider it as it happened yesterday and also attached a feeling to it from the “real” event when I spinned only 2 rounds. By bringing “see” and “feel” together, I am convincing myself I can actually do it and hence it comes closer to reflect in “be” stage.

Massaro’s 3-days challenge:
It is not really challenge, but more of a stages that we are going through, when shifting to a different reality. The bigger change it is against our insides alignment, the bigger challenges come along. First day is about dreaming and seeing our change. Defining the way we want to go, how does it differ from current stage. We feel very passionate about it, motivated and empowered. The day 2 brings challenges, questions, barriers, difficulties and basically anything that doubts?us. Is it really the way you want to go? It puts us into uncertainty. This stage can be long as one simple one off?event, or can take several months or years of a struggle or inside battle. It has only two outcomes. We either win or give up. The winning stage is keeping the hope and belief alive. The losing part is basically agreeing, that we are not in control of what we truly want or desire, or it was not what we truly wanted. With the winning part, comes day 3 aka celebration day. The day, when we enjoy our victory, we receive self assurance, strengthen our confidence, power and motivation to grow even more. This stage kicks us into a new era of thinking and motivates us to reach out?next level of higher consciousness. Simply said, we grow.