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Meeting bboy Kareem

Here I am now, in Australia, having dance workshop with american bboy Kareem, whom I was watching on VHS recordings from French competition called Total Session 4, while practising my silly moves in living room in Czech Republic 13 years ago. ?Almost looks like I am bringing these people into my life, slowly but surely, hey.

Main points:

  • believe is the strongest power you can support your decisions with
  • you create your own reality by your beliefs (he’s been surrounded by the best bboys)
  • everyone has the same story but different language (my translation of his thoughts)
  • being recognised from this guy made me feel warm 🙂

Video footage:

Rock Force Crew vs Vagabonds.?One of the most influential battle I have ever seen in my life.?So much energy, passion and emotions put on the dance floor. So inspiring.