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lemon juice and apple cider vinegar challenge

I love challenges. They help me grow. Several studies confirmed that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. So if I can stick to one-month challenges, I will be very happy and continue to grow.

So here is another one I would like to undertake. I’ll call it:


Q: What is the challenge about?
A: Start a day with half a lemon, two spoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and 1 spoon of honey mixed in half a litre cup.

Q: What is the desired outcome?
A: lower expectations and avoid disappointment. Feeling good every day would be a good start.

Q: Where am I right now?
A: I do drink lemon and water occasionally and I started to drink apple cider vinegar last week. However, I inconsistency occurs all the time, hence this challenge will help set up some habit and hopefully long run benefit.

Q: How I am going to achieve it?
A: Let’s put it into steps:
1. get a supply of fresh lemons on weekly basis, try Bragg’s at work and get a bottle for home use, get a supply of honey
(I prefer raw manuka honey, but normal would do too. Bragg’s vinegar is cool and some local farmer with lemons would be ideal.)
2. brush teeth at home and get to work few mins earlier to have started the day with a warm mixture
3. on weekly basis, leave a comment here to monitor the progress

Prior taking on any challenge, it’s good to do some investigation and education

first to avoid any negative impacts. So here is an awesome article talking about the lemon impact on enamel and also vinegar and pH factor. I will need to add some link later on for honey consumption and its impacts.

I highly recommend everyone reading following article prior trying this challenge!

How to drink water with lemon and preserve your tooth enamel

That’s it for now and I welcome anyone to share their feedback via private messages or e-mail.