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Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos

I finished listening to an audio version of the book called “The Internet of Money” by Andreas Antonopoulos. This book is structured into very short, numbered talks which are quite handy when you need to navigate elsewhere and also if you need a refresher. Each chapter starts with a title that makes it really easy to remind yourself whether you’ve listened to it or not. Great for a distanced driving.

In regards to the content of the book, as you would assume, it relates to Bitcoin technology and refers to it all throughout the book. There are quite good examples and is easy to understand. Here are a few points that stood in my mind after finishing this book (version 1).

  • bitcoin as a platform, language, currency
  • telephone system examples and complex network with dumb device vs a simple network with a complex device (smartphone)
  • net neutrality and related issues
  • lego and building blocks as a reference to Bitcoin
  • a freedom we fight for (a reminder of William Wallace-Braveheart)
  • UX problems with wallets
  • focus on technology, not the price
  • one person, one bank
  • joe’s coin and a new era of banking
  • …more…

Now I can jump on the second edition and will update this post after finishing it.


Also, I would like to thank Andreas and other people that spend their valuable time working on this piece. I provide a link here, so this book can reach a wider audience. I hope you will enjoy it as I did.