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Choosing a domain name xyz.CZ vs xyz.COM

There is already plenty of resources online, providing a guide on how to choose a domain name. In this post, I will just leave few links for a quick reference and tips and tricks from my personal experience. 

Firstly, it is quite important to note, that selecting a domain whose customers are non-english speakers is quite different than for example dealing with Aussies as the target audience. Not only the customers are used to their national domain suffix, but also the local search engines can be excluding .COM sites from indexing or prioritising results that have the local suffix (in this case .CZ for Czech Republic). 

I have been dealing with domains and websites since the year 1999 and learned the hard way that it is better to chose less attractive domain name but with .CZ suffix rahter than aim for czech version with .COM. As an example: instead of choosing, you might want, beacause only the .COM is availabel. I would suggest to find an alternative domain name available with .CZ suffix instead. The example of that could be:, or People are used to search their native domain suffix (.CZ) rather than .COM. If you wish to be more specific and deal with roses only, go for but keep in mind that you might extend your business in future and will have to buy other domains and/or change the marketing if you start selling orchids and other type of flowers.

Another important aspect is to avoid numbers, symbols and problematic words, especially because Czech is hard language and people often cannot spell the words properly. Examples include “i/y, s/z, mne/me” and more. Suffix .COM can be pronouced in Czech as “kom” or “com”, which complicates any audio-relating marketing plans. 

Think also about your business and project that this domain will serve. You want the domain name to represent it in the best possible way. It should fit into your marketing trategy. You also want to avoid any lawsuits and conflicts with competitors, so check trade marks / registered businesses upfront. 

Do not worry too much where you buy the domain name. Chose one provider you like or have been recommended by a trusted source and deal with that one only. The few Czech Korunas you will save buy purchasing one domain here and another there (because they are currently on special), might cost you extra time and money in the long run. 

Secure alternative versions of the domain name, because there is always someone that wants to make money on your business easily. Domain names are cheap, so if you plan on expanding to other countries, think about it in advance. 

Lastly, you can use generator to boost your creativity, but make sure it corresponds with your business and plans. If the domain is taken, put offer together and buy it off from current owner (if the price is reasonable).

Ok, that’s it from me. Below is the list with other resources if you wish to know more. Alternatively, you can get in touch with me via LinkedIn or e-mail and discuss this further.