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Breaking workouts and exercises

There are plenty of techniques, tips, tricks and stuff you can do to improve your fitness, body form and inner strength. However, none of that is actually working, when it does not relate to you. Many people use the gym, weightlifting to build up muscles, hoping the performance in dancing will increase. I am not saying it won’t, there are certainly similarities that can be applied across multiple disciplines, however, it looks to me as if you were asking sprinter how to prepare for gymnastics rings.

I believe you should find your unique way of exercising, find what suits you best, listen to your body and see where it gets you. It helps to get inspired too, however, I feel a need to get inspired by someone or something I have relation to, something I like, something I have a passion for. To give an example, I find it much beneficial to get inspired by bboy Moy (Havikoro), then amazing guys doing outdoor fitness on bars. Yes, the guys have my respect, however, muscles they use help them to do what they do and not particularly moves, that I am aiming to do. So I think, that following Moy’s exercise techniques that actually relate to my dance, is far more beneficial for me and my dance. I also like the way Moy dances and uses energy, so it is much easier to adopt and see myself getting similar results.

Here are few examples…

I reckon the jumping (2:30) is great to keep in mind changing levels.
Aztec Push-ups definitely next level.
When mastering those, I’d suggest using your own moves for drills. Create some step and change it into the drill. I might post them on this page later on.

Here a starting version for non-advanced.

check out his website, subscribe his channel etc.


Additional resources will be added to this page below…