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$100 for free aka Banks are craving for your money

As much as I am not a fan of centralised banks and would love to see crypto in place, I still get paid the traditional way – via EFT. So since having a bank account is a must, why not to get some benefits.

I joined ING Direct through invitation, got $50 cash into my account as a bonus, 3% interest rate on my saving account, visa card and free withdrawals from ANY ATM for FREE in Australia. I don’t mention running fees, because first there are none and second I would not join a bank where I have to pay for letting someone using my money for investment (that’s what banks do). So where is the catch?

Well, if you want to keep getting 3% interest rate (a combination of standard 1.5 + 1.5 bonus rate), you have to deposit $1000 every month onto your everyday account from another bank account. They don’t have branches, so you either have to get paid from your employee or use another bank account to move it there. You could easily set up an automatic transfer of $1000 from one bank to another, if you don’t have an additional $1000 to deposit every month, just saying. If you are old school and require a physical branch, then I am sorry but you will have to pay for it in fees with another bank. This one is online only. As it is online, it has really user-friendly internet and mobile banking, so even a complete anti-talent could figure it out in a few seconds.

All right, so that was my experience, but I promised $100 for free. Since banks need more money, they try to get more customers. Hence, there is a promotion now to get $100 bonus cash for creating an account with ING Direct. The same thing which I have done for $50, they now offer for $100 and that’s for both inviter and invitee. So if you have five mins to get some extra cash for yourself and help me fund my trip around the world, set up an account using my promo code: ESV546. Don’t worry, you can always cancel your account should you decide you don’t want it.

So, before you jump the queue, please make sure that you fill the promo code during registration. Failing that will result in a bonus for banks and not us.

Opening account is easy:

  1. You gotta visit:
  2. Open a new Orange Everyday account
    (and enter promo code: ESV546 when you apply – clicking on the link above does not work, you MUST fill it in manually)
  3. Deposits $1,000+ into their Orange Everyday within a calendar month by 31 July 2017

That’s it. Oh and I forgot to mention that they support now mobile payments too. If you would have any questions, I am a message away. Peace.

Disclaimer: this promo applies for first 10,000 customers that apply. So, don’t leave it for tomorrow.